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As one of the leading of Hardware distributors and logistics services in Lake Zone based in Mwanza Region Tanzania, operates with clear strategy and consistently good financial management, is among of local SME’s with success on Short and long-term investors. Texas Hardware Limited is an extremely sound company with a strong balance sheet, solid equity ratio and consistent high cash flow, which is a great source of reliability.
Texas Hardware Limited was established as a company Limited in 2012. It is 100% owned by four Local shareholders including the current managing director Mr. Jonex Joel Kinyonyi. The company has headquarters in Mwanza, Tanzania, with depots in Mwanza and Bukoba in Kagera Region. For the last two years Texas Hardware Limited has an average of yearly turnover of over USD 20 Million, this includes the new products introduced since 2015 (Corrugated Iron Sheets, Wire mesh, Nail bars, Paints, Gypsum Boards and its associated products). An increase of 43% on sales of this new product between two years is only within Mwanza Urban and nearby district.



Texas Hardware Limited
P.O. Box 2647, Plot No.:2,
Block-B, Nyashishi,Misungwi District,
Mwanza, Tanzania, East Africa.


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